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Telecomunications Megaphone Telecomunications Megaphone In buildings of medium-large size, it is important to have an internal public address system that allows the communication of incidents, emergencies, or guidelines to be…

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Antennas, infrastructures in buildings

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Telecomunications Antennas, infrastructures in buildings Telecomunications Antennas, infrastructures in buildings We have the necessary infrastructure to install the technical means that facilitate access to DVB-T services, digital radio, satellite channels,…

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Computer network routing

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Telecomunications Computer network routing Telecomunications Computer network routing We route computer wiring so that the system is in full working order, certifying each installed point and with a guarantee that…

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Access control

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Telecomunications Access control Telecomunications Access control Prevent unauthorized access or restrict access to sensitive areas of your facilities with access control systems. You can analyze human trafficking an access control…

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