the Environmental department of the Provincial Council of Alava visits the C.I.E.R.

150 150 Del Valle Aguayo
De izda. a dcha: D. Alberto Bernardo, D. Juan José Pérez, Dña. Maria Natividad López, D. Enrique Del Valle, D. Josean Galera

The research center in renewable energies of Del Valle Aguayo, S.A., has received the visit of Ms. Maria Natividad López de Munain Alzola, (Director Environment and Urbanism of the Provincial Council of Alava) and Mr. Josean Galera Carrillo, (Environment and Urbanism of the Provincial Council of Alava).

They were shown prototypes of solar trackers, geothermal installation and our new DVA100 wind turbine, as well as domotized installations of our research, development and innovation center.

Thank you for your visit and the attention shown during your stay in our facilities.